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Huangshan Geopark comes to Tsinghua


The mountain Huangshan, as China's geological mountain, historical and cultural mountain and contemporary tourist mountain, its scenic area has won a number of world-class and national honor, and its beauty behind the landscape contains the principles of geology at home and abroad for many geologists Research and exploration. Based on the important position of Huangshan in the field of geological research, Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University invited Huangshan World Geopark visit Tsinghua University, and invited Professor Cui Zhijiu of School of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University to introduce the beautiful Huangshan and its Knowledge of geology behind the mountain.

On the afternoon of May 10, the lecture "Geological Beauty from Huangshan Landform" was held by Prof. Cui Zhijiu. The lecture was held at Datong Hall, Library of Arts, Tsinghua University. Deputy director of Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University Wu Haiping, Assistant of the president of Huangshan Scenic Area Management Committee of the Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., General Manager of Huizhou hometown Cultural Development Group Mr. Tang Shinan and the office manager of Huangshan Scenic Area Planning Office Mr. Li Wei attended the lecture as a guest.

At the beginning of the event, Mr. Wu Haiping, deputy director of the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University, briefed the development of the Earth Science of Tsinghua University and welcomed the arrival of the relevant leaders of Huangshan Scenic Area and Professor Cui Zhijiu. Then, Mr. Tang Shinan, assistant president of Huangshan Tourism Development Co., Ltd., introduced the characteristics of Huangshan and its important position in Huizhou culture from the traditional characters such as "Hui" and "Yi". At the same time, Cui reviewed the historical origins of Tsinghua and Huangshan and expressed gratitude on the long-term concerning and supporting of the development of Huangshan tourist area from teachers and students.

The main part of the event was the theme lecture "From Huangshan geomorphology to see the beauty of the Earth" brought by Professor Cui Zhijiu. Professor Cui combined with his own geological survey results and carried out a simple introduction from the Huangshan landscape of the main body - Strange peak and rocks, granite characteristics, rock form and its causes and processes, form peaks and its spatial distribution and Huangshan's ancient glaciers and other aspects of Huangshan geology and geography.

In the introduction of Professor Cui, the mystery of Huangshan rocks was opened - the reason that a large number of Huangshan rock exists is due to the granite in the humid climate conditions caused by weathering, and today the formation of Huangshan landform has experienced about 6500 years, three stages of the long development. After completing the geological landscape of Huangshan, Professor Cui patiently and carefully answered the questions raised by the audience, and expressed gratitude to the management committee of Tsinghua University and Huangshan Scenic Area. After the lecture, Wu Haiping, deputy director of the Department of Earth System Science, Tsinghua University, presented the fine souvenirs to Prof. Cui on behalf of the Department of Earth System Sciences.

Site questioning

At the end of the event, Li Wei, the director of the Huangshan World Geopark Planning Land Office, on behalf of Huangshan Scenic Area, donated Huangshan granite specimens to the Department of Earth System Science of Tsinghua University. Wu Haiping, deputy director of the Department of Earth System Science of Tsinghua University, received donations and took pictures with Mr. Li Wei.

After the event, the long-awaited lottery session was carried out. After three rounds of draw, one, two, three prize was generated. Mr. Tang Shiman and Wu Haiping give their awards and congratulations to them.



With this lecture at the same time there are "From the Huangshan geomorphology to see the beauty of the Geology" theme photography exhibition activities. Activities from show the beautiful scenery the scenic area, scenic terrain, scenic typical buildings and other aspects of the Huangshan Scenic Area, attracted a large number of students to visit. The exhibition was held at the Shaw Yifu Library of Tsinghua University.